Watch: Sports anchor loses her cool with co-host ON AIR

Watch: Sports anchor loses her cool with co-host ON AIR

We all know news broadcasts to be more sophisticated than the rest, but every now and then, things don’t go so smoothly while the camera is still running – which makes for some golden TV moments… and we’re not complaining. A Namibian sports presenter known as Jessica has gone viral for awkwardly calling out a female news anchor, who had crossed back to her during a live broadcast.

It isn’t yet certain when exactly this occurred, but all this played out on-air during a broadcast NBC News Live, an evening news programme in the country.

After the news anchor crosses to Jessica, she attempts to engage her in some sports banter, ahead of her bulletin. But Jessica was definitely not having it and she let her colleague know.

“No, you’re not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me and say, ‘Take it away.’ You’re not going to do that,” Jessica said.

“Jessica we are live,” the news anchor then said. This was then followed by a few seconds of on-air silence before the video ends.

Watch: ‘Jessica, we’re live’

Some social media users have suggested that there may have been some pre-existing tensions between both anchors. A woman purported to be Jessica on Twitter, denied there was any bad blood, and insisted she was just trying to correct her co-worker and hadn’t realised they were still live.

“There’s no any beef between us, my colleague forgot the script and I was just trying to correct her but I forgot we were live,” she said.

It isn’t clear if it is in fact the real Jessica, but the account has been garnering some followers on Twitter.



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