Satellite 79 – Big Man (Official Lyric Video)

Satellite 79 – Big Man (Official Lyric Video)

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Satellite 79 re-releases Big Man, originally written in 2014, as an ode to the passing of Gary Botha, the track was initially released on their debut album called Blue Cortina in 2015 as an up-tempo rock ska track. Fast forward 2020, a re-release and radical re-think of Big Man as “a kind of folk/reggae ballad”. As Satellite 79 gears up to re-record the album Blue Cortina with a more acoustic unplugged edge featuring Robin Finch, Says Kevin of Satellite 79… “Re-releasing Big Man, kind of feels appropriate to remember not only Gary through the song, but also ALL the Big Men and Women out there right now doing the hard jobs. This is our way of saying thanks”…


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