Load shedding recipes: Combat SA’s power cuts with these easy recipes

Load shedding recipes: Combat SA’s power cuts with these easy recipes

Winter is sweeping through the country and so is another wave of load shedding. No electricity makes many of us scramble around to get a nutritious meal on the table whenever load shedding hits over dinner time.

So, does no electricity mean you have to cough up for takeaways? Not necessarily! We have collated five delicious recipes you can prepare when load shedding is swooping through your neighbourhood.

Flapjacks with Syrup & Bacon – Load shedding breakfast sorted

Flapjacks with syrup: Load shedding cannot stop a tasty breakfast. Image: Food photo created by azerbaijan_stockers – www.freepik.com.

Those mornings that you wake up to dark home, surprise the family with fluffy flapjacks and crispy bacon strips prepared on the braai.

If you feel brave enough, use cast-iron pans and a grid or a gas stove with a flat plate. We do have extra bacon in this recipe because we always need more bacon, right?

This tasty breakfast recipe will almost make your family wish it is load shedding every morning. So, gather your ingredients, start flipping those flapjacks and stack up the plates with flapjacks, bacon and syrup. Click here for the full recipe.

Spanakopita Braaibroodjie – Light lunch or tasty side dish

Spanakopita Braaibroodjie
Spanakopita Braaibroodjies: Where Greece and South Africa meet. Image: Jan Braai.

We all know and love the typical South African braaibroodjie. However, this spanakopita braaibroodjie from SA’s braai maestro Jan Braai includes a Greek flair which makes it lip-smackingly delicious.

Instead of stacking your braaibroodjie with the usual tomato, cheese and onion, you fill it with creamy spinach and feta cheese. Not only is it seriously palatable but you will also ensure the family gets a good punch of spinach. Click here to prepare your own spanakopita braaibroodjies.

Succulent lamb potjie – An aromatic meal to fight load shedding blues

Succulent lamb potjie
Succulent lamb potjie: A South African favourite. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

If you have some time on your hands, light a fire and get your potjie ready for the most succulent lamb potjiekos.

Potjiekos is a traditional South African meal packed with so much flavour. The secret to getting your potjiekos meltingly tender is to cook it slowly.  First, the lamb cutlets go into the potjie until the meat almost falls off the bone. Then, you add the veggies into the same put to infuse with the delicious aromas inside the pot.

Transform a weekend plagued with load shedding to a cosy family time spent around a bubbling potjie loaded with lamb potjiekos. And while doing so, make sure you enter our potjiekos competition here.

Sizzling veggie skewers – A delicious vegan feast

Vegan Salsa Verde
Vegan Salsa Verde: Tuck into a delicious vegan braai. Image: Salvelio Meyer.

What is easier than lighting a fire and having a braai on a load shedding evening? Braaiing a juicy chop or succulent T-bone steak is nothing new to South Africans. However, what is a braai without some tasty side dishes and vegetables to ensure a balanced diet?

This veggie skewers recipe is a practical and delicious solution to ensure that the family gets a healthy portion of veggies with their meat. This recipe also includes a flavoursome vegan salsa verde which pairs perfectly with the smoky flavour of the barbequed veggies. Click here for this tasty vegan bite.

Marshmallow and chocolate braaibroodjie – The ultimate braai sweet treat

Marshmallow and Chocolate Braaibroodjie
Marshmallow and chocolate braaibroodjie: For the sweet tooth. Image: Jan Braai.

There is no reason why load shedding should hijack you from a sweet treat after dinner. Since you already have the barbeque fire going if you have tried out any of our aforegoing recipes, you can easily prepare a sweet treat for the family.

Apart from braaiing marshmallows on skewers over gentle heat, an all-time favourite, you can also prepare an easy sweet braaibroodjie. Simply fill your braaibroodjie with marshmallows and chocolate and indulge in the explosion of sweetness after biting through the crispy exterior.

This sweet treat may just become a family favourite and a frequent menu request whenever you light a fire in the future. Click here for the ultimate indulgence.

And that sums up our easy load shedding recipes to combat meal time woes associated with load shedding. You can even transform an evening without electricity into a pleasant candlelight dinner.

If you have tried any of our recipes, please let us know!

Source: thesouthafrican.com


Dennis Sundawo