Ethyl Ether – Chrome Neon Jesus [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

Ethyl Ether – Chrome Neon Jesus [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

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Ethyl Ether, Cape Town’s psychedelic stoner rock unit release their anticipated full length album ‘Chrome Neon Jesus’ via Mongrel Records. Formed in 2017 the bands new album offers a tougher, tighter bite with a heady mix of psychedelic textures. The albums narratives explore darker tones and experiences both personal and observational.

“It’s taken an exceptionally long time to get this album finished and to the point where we’re happy and proud to put our stamp on it. Our sound has changed a little since “Museum Of Human Error” but I think it was mainly because of Andy and me being so involved on the production side of things. This has been the first album where we have done 99% of production and we are just so fuckin’ proud of it and managed to get it sounding like how we wanted it to sound. I cannot wait to finally release it because we’ve been working on it for so long and now…it’s done! Having said that, we are a super happy Ethyl Ether right now and just wanna keep on going harder and stronger than ever. I hope the people dig it. Fuck yeah.” Comments bassist and vocalist, Pabs.

1. The Smoke Waits For No Man
2. Ode
3. Under The Milky Way
4. Therapy?
5. Voodoo
6. Diamonds
7. Cold Black Soul
8. Faces
9. Is Anybody Different? featuring Melina
10. Higher Than Drugs featuring Melina




P&C 2020 Ethyl Ether under exclusive license to Mongrel Records a division of Just Music

Tecla Chandata

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