Bill Clinton Prosecutor Ken Starr Got Jeffrey Epstein His ‘Sweetheart’ Plea Deal?! WHAT?!?

Bill Clinton Prosecutor Ken Starr Got Jeffrey Epstein His ‘Sweetheart’ Plea Deal?! WHAT?!?

Most folks who know the name Kenneth Starr will remember him as a footnote of ’90s news and pop culture.

He was the special prosecutor brought in to go after Bill Clinton for that time he lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. His SNL portrayal by Will Ferrell was more memorable than he was. Honestly, we probably haven’t thought about him this entire millennium.

Well, he’s back on our radar now, that’s for sure. And this time he and Clinton have something in common — they both have disturbing ties to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein!

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On Tuesday, journalist Julie K. Brown took to Twitter with a shocking revelation about the attorney. She revealed:

“Although I go into this more in my book, Ken Starr was probably the most powerful force behind Jeffrey Epstein’s secret plea deal. Without him, it probably would not have happened the way it did, and Epstein would have ended up in prison for a very long time.”


For those who don’t know, you can read more about this “Sweetheart Deal” HERE. But here’s a quick refresher…

Essentially, Brown, who was working for the Miami Herald at the time, and others uncovered tons of accusations of underage sex trafficking against Epstein way back in the mid-2000s. The billionaire was arrested, and it looked like he was going away for a long time. However, all of those accusations got reduced to a guilty plea to just two charges, including soliciting prostitution from a 14-year-old girl. He only served 13 months, much of it in 12-hour days at an office in Palm Beach. We’d call it a slap on the wrist, but tbh it sounds more like a pat on the back.

Those familiar with mob movies know the main reason prosecutors give a defendant a reduced sentenced is because they cooperate and turn over even more criminals involved in the enterprise.

This was the opposite.

Epstein’s deal included a non-prosecution agreement for anyone connected to any sex trafficking he allegedly was involved in — assuring NO ONE ELSE would go to prison. It effectively killed the federal investigation into Epstein.

Years later, in 2018, Brown wrote an exposé about the Sweetheart Deal, leading to a judge ruling it was illegal. The US attorney who granted it, Alexander Acosta, had to resign his new position due to intense public pressure. That position was Secretary of Labor under an old pal of Epstein’s, Donald Trump.

Once the deal was gone, Epstein was charged again (this time by the Southern District of New York and for the harsher crime of sex trafficking). Then he died mysteriously in prison, which once again served to protect anyone he could have testified against.

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Anyway, now Brown has written a book about her Epstein research, and considering how long she’s been on the case, Perversion of Justice promises to be the definitive volume on the subject. And the Ken Starr twist is the first bombshell she’s giving us for free.

According to an excerpt reviewed by The Guardian, Starr “used his political connections in the White House to get the Justice Department to review Epstein’s case” and ultimately used a “scorched-earth defense” to pressure feds to drop the case. Scorched earth? As in, if we go down, we’re taking everyone else with us??


An unnamed prosecutor who was close to the case said lead federal prosecutor Marie Villafaña “broke her back trying to do the right thing, but someone was always telling her to back off.” Even after she warned her fellow prosecutors that Epstein was probably still abusing underage girls, someone else in Washington, DC, was “calling the shots on the case.” She eventually had to give up because “a decision had already been made not to prosecute Epstein.” All because of whatever Ken Starr did??

This is all especially mind-bending because one of the most high-profile men with ties to Epstein is Starr’s former nemesis, the man he is famous for prosecuting in his impeachment trial, former president Bill Clinton. Of course, he also joined the team defending Epstein’s other POTUS pal Trump in that impeachment trial in 2020.

Why was Epstein close with two presidents?? Man, this makes us weep for our country.

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Starr’s former adviser Judi Hershman wrote a piece in Medium on Tuesday seemingly confirming the attorney’s involvement with Epstein, writing:

“There was the time in January 2010 when I saw him in California — he was then dean of the Pepperdine University School of Law — and he asked me, if on my next visit to South Florida, I could extend myself to counsel a ‘very wealthy, very smart businessman who got himself into trouble for getting involved with a couple of underage girls who lied about their ages.’ I confess I did not recognize Jeffrey Epstein’s name at the time, but I knew what statutory rape was and I couldn’t understand why Ken Starr would be involved with him. It did not occur to me that he might have been part of the legal team that executed a secret and egregious sweetheart deal for the convicted pedophile or that the stickler for details I knew Starr to be might be grossly undercounting the victims in question.”

So gross.

As to why he got involved, who knows? Why did Acosta bend over backwards for him? Why does Alan Dershowitz defend him? It’s odd how many powerful men do.

As for Starr himself, he did not deny his involvement but released a statement to The Wrap essentially saying he did nothing wrong:

“It’s not appropriate to discuss any counsel I or my law firm provided to a client. I have always tried to act with integrity and to be guided by the great principles of the American legal system.”

Look, we’re no lawyers. Once Olivia Benson’s half of SVU is over, we kind of tune out. But even we can tell whatever happened with that first Epstein deal has nothing to do with integrity or great principles.

We don’t know about you, but anyone caught protecting, defending, or associating with this guy has some serious explaining to do. And they better do a better job than Prince Andrew and his magically self-repairing sweat glands.

Prince Andrew stepped away royal duties

What do YOU think about this new twist in the Epstein case? Will we ever get to the bottom of it? Obviously there are still folks around who know where the bodies are buried… but will anyone talk??

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