7 Times Celebrity Kids Crashed Their Famous Parents Interviews In Quarantine

Here are just a few celebs who’ve had their spotlight stolen by their kids in quarantine:


Chris Hemsworth:


While promoting his new Netflix movie, Extraction, Chris’ children decided it would be the perfect opportunity to crash their dad’s Zoom interview. At one point, his son joined the call and later tossed pillows at the computer. Ha! Watch the interview here.


Kelly Clarkson:


While interviewing her Trolls World Tour costars, Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, Kelly was joined by her two adorable children, River Rose and Remington, who were visibly starstruck. Watch the interview here.


Kim Kardashian:

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Kim has been spending a lot of quality time with her kids in quarantine. While filming a social distancing PSA, her daughter North West crashed the video and was undoubtedly the world’s cutest sidekick. Watch the PSA here.


Jimmy Fallon:


Jimmy’s daughters have become his unintentional cohosts ever since the late night talk show star began filming at home. Moments before his interview with Jennifer Garner, his daughter Frances decided she wanted some daddy-daughter time. Watch the interview here.


Jimmy Fallon, part two:


While interviewing Halle Berry, Jimmy’s daughter Winnie stopped by to say hello and it was hilarious. Watch the interview here.


Kevin Jonas:


Kevin Jonas’ daughters Valentina and Alena crashed his interview with their uncles Joe and Nick on The Tonight Show, and can we just talk about how cute it is seeing Kevin in “strict dad” mode? Watch the interview here.


Jason Bateman:


Jason Bateman couldn’t escape his daughter Maple, even though she was outside while he was talking to Jimmy Kimmel. She still managed to crash his interview and the results were hilarious. Watch the moment here.

Praise these parents and their patience. Have your kids crashed your meetings while you’ve been working from home? Tell us in the comments!

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Title: 7 Times Celebrity Kids Crashed Their Famous Parents Interviews In Quarantine
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